COVID Restrictions Cease

With the revocation of the declaration of a Major Emergency under the Emergency Management Act 2004 means that the Directions in force under that Act also were revoked. What does this mean for SAUCNA Association Courts?

Effective from 28th May 2022:

  • SAUCNA’s approved COVID Management Plan is not required;

  • Marshalls are therefore no longer required;

  • Restrictions on the number of spectators have been removed; and

  • Provisions under our plan that include mustering at designated points before games, our transition processes between time slots, signage, physical distancing etc. etc. etc. are now also no longer required;

Effective from 4th June:

  • Central timing will cease and clubs will be required to provide electronic timers and a timekeeper for each match; and

  • Time can be stopped for injury/illness/blood/other reasons as per the INF rules of netball.

We sincerely thank everyone for their support and assistance over the past two+ years. The fact that we have been able to keep our competition running is testament to everyone's support and consideration.

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