Park 22 Update from the Board

SA United Church Netball Association Inc, Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:27PM

There has been some media attention and a number of rumours and stories doing the rounds in the last week. There are some points that we would like to clarify.

  • Yes we are working with the Adelaide City Council over a precinct plan for our Park 22 area.
  • Yes that precinct plan currently includes the addition of hockey to that park area.
  • Yes we are supportive of the Adelaide City Council's ideals to have parklands supporting multiple sports creating sporting hubs.
  • No we are not against hockey moving into Park 22.

What we are concerned about is the facilities that will be provided to netball and our members as part of this precinct plan and development.

We have developed a working subcommittee on this project and are working with the Adelaide City Council and with other interested parties on this project.

We are pushing and will continue to push to ensure that the interests and needs of our members are protected as much as possible.

We will endeavour to be open and transparent with this process where we can with clubs. This process will take some time. Any questions that clubs or members have can be directed to the board in writing via their club secretaries.

Last updated: Wednesday November 15, 2017 12:01AM
Author: Sandra Barker