COVID-19 Update 20/1/21

SA United Church Netball Association Inc, Tue Jan 19, 2021 10:09PM

The following is very important information about SAUCNA’s COVID Management Plan and changes that SA Health have directed the Board to undertake.  The continuation of our summer season, and very likely our winter one too, depends on full compliance with these updates.


The information is contained within SAUCNA’s amended COVID Management Plan which was approved by SA Health on 12/1/21.

Attendance at the courts now requires check-in via an approved QR code.


Posters will be displayed at multiple locations throughout the court precinct, including:

  • The main entry ‘gate’ from the main car parking area.
  • At each of the existing 4 pre-game assembly points.
  • On the toilet doors.
  • At the canteen.
  • At the disinfectant table outside the clubrooms.
  • Carried by the COVID Marshals on duty.

As a back-up, the existing manual system of recording all attendees’ name, mobile number and/or email address will remain in place.


The existing manual sheet must still be filled out fully and correctly as per the first half of the season and submitted on the night with your scorecard. Failure to fully complete the sheet and/or submit it will result in a forfeit, just as it has since the start of the summer season.


For the avoidance of doubt, all attendees’ details must be entered on the manual sheet even if the QR code check-in system has been used. The Board recognises this is double-handling but it’s the only way we can satisfy SA Health that everyone in attendance is recorded as being there for the purpose of contact tracing.


Marshals will be roaming and spot-checking that attendees with smart phones have checked in. We ask that your club members assist the Marshals in their duties.


For the very junior grades the manual system also enables recording of attendees who don’t yet have a smart phone. Indeed, there may be the odd person here and there who doesn’t have a smart phone for one reason or another.

The QR code is also available from your club secretary. Coaches, managers, or other club representatives or individuals are completely within their rights to keep a copy on hand to use for check in.

The Board is currently planning for the winter season and how the current COVID-19 Emergency Management Direction is likely to impact that. We will of course keep everyone updated, but we strongly believe the QR code system will be used for winter as well.

Last updated: Wednesday January 20, 2021 12:17AM
Author: Sandra Barker