Summer Update - as at 16 October

SA United Church Netball Association Inc, Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:29AM

Last night SA Health sent two inspectors to check that we were sticking to our COVID-19 Management Plan and observe our procedures. As a result of the visit some suggestions to improve our plan were made and these will be implemented from Friday 16th October.


COVID Marshals from teams DO NOT NEED TO COLLECT vests from the club rooms.  There will designated Marshalls who will be wearing vests however you should still wear your badges if you have them. 


To ensure the safety of everyone attending we have been given permission for people attending the second and third matches each night to congregate on the grassed areas between the clubrooms and Goodwood Road. Therefore, the new procedures for entering and exiting the courts will be as follows:


First match of the night

     Scorecards (and contract tracing forms if required) are to be collected from the clubrooms

     Entry to the courts can be done at any time prior to the match

     Please leave the courts as quickly as possible after the match


Second and third matches of the night

     Players, team officials and spectators may enter from the car park and move to a designated area between the clubrooms and Goodwood Road.

     No one is permitted to approach the court areas until directed by the COVID-19 Marshall present.

     Scorecards (and contract tracing forms if required) for these matches will only be available at the designated congregation points. They will NOT be in the clubrooms for these matches

     Teams to congregate as follows if you are playing on:

           Courts 19-24: Opposite Court 19-20 behind the clubrooms

           Courts 13-18: Opposite Court 12-19 behind the clubrooms

           Courts 7-12: Opposite Court 4-11 behind the clubrooms

           Courts 1-6: Opposite Court 3-4 behind the clubrooms

All home teams must remember that they are responsible for using disinfectant to clean the benches and pole covers at the completion of your match.  Arrange someone to collect the disinfectant bottle and cloth from the table outside the clubrooms prior to the completion of your match.


Exit Procedures

     All players, team officials and spectators MUST leave by either of the two marked exits on the diagram.

     It  is suggested that teams who play on courts 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23 and 24 exit through the one in the centre of the carpark fence whilst team who played on all other courts exit through the gates located either side of the building close to the Anzac Highway carpark entrance.

     Please follow the directions of the Court Supervisors, gate attendants and COVID-19 marshalls.


We continue to thank everyone for their patience and support of the Board’s efforts to get the summer season started. We trust that you understand the need to update procedures as identified by authorities for the safety of everyone.



Last updated: Monday November 16, 2020 4:22PM
Author: Sandra Barker