...and we're back!!

SA United Church Netball Association Inc, Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:26PM


Matches will  commence on SATURDAY JULY 18 - please note that there will be changed match times and conditions for ALL venues to all for minimum number of people present at any one time (see below for details).

All clubs will need to have their COVID safe plan in place and available to be viewed each week.

Everyone should be encouraged to download the COVID Safe app.

All clubs will need to have a Supervisor who will be responsible to ensure all restrictions are adhered to by everyone. This includes making sure that people enter and exit the venue correctly, there is safe physical distancing practiced by all in every area and once a game finishes people leave court area immediately.

Spectators should be kept to a minimum and maintain safe physical distancing away from courts 

All clubs should ensure good hygiene & all teams should follow strict hygiene -- hand washing, sanitizer etc.

Due to current restrictions there are changes to matches conditions. We will monitor government regulations and keep you informed as restrictions are updated.

Clubs are permitted to run a canteen at their venue and the Canteen will be open at Association courts. 

At each court, the maximum number of people should be per court (ie inside the fenced area at suburban courts or at the side of each court at Association courts)

2 teams (max 10 players per team)

2 umpires   

                             2 coaches

       2 managers and

2 scorers.


All grades will play 1 round:

  • 8 teams grades will play each other once  (7 weeks)
  • 6 team grades will play each other once (5 weeks) then split into Pool A and Pool B for the additional 2 matches   
  • At the completion of 7 matches there will be a 1 v 2 Grand Final played at Association courts on Saturday 5th September.
    Due to withdrawal of teams/clubs there may be changes to some grades.  We will keep you informed of when a program will be available and when you can collect score cards and books. 



    Match start times will be        

  • 12 noon (all venues)
  • 1.45 pm (all venues)
  • 3.30 pm (all venues)
  • 5.15 pm (Association Courts ONLY)

    Matches at Association courts will be centrally timed.


    Changes to Match Conditions

    All quarters will be 12 minutes  

    All matches must start on time          NO GRACE TIME FOR ANY MATCH

    Time not held for injury  

    Coach/manager to time matches at suburban courts

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    Author: Sandra Barker