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Non-playing siblings
After a very near miss at a suburban venue on the weekend it is timely to remind parents and caregivers to be aware of where your non-playing siblings are at all times. A very young child was almost hit by a car on the weekend, and the parents were not aware that this had happened.  Please take care of each other.  Thanks to the court supervisor at that venue who noticed and helped to avoid the near tragedy.
Arrival at Courts - Please wait for people to leave first
It has been reported by some clubs that teams are arriving much too early for the 1:45pm and 3:30pm matches and, in some cases, are compromising the number of people allowed at a venue.  Please note that players, officials and spectators must NOT arrive at the playing venue more than 30 minutes prior to the match. This is the case for all venues INCLUDING Association courts, where players were waiting at the side of courts prior to matches finishing on the weekend.  There is a signifi...