2019 Dates

17th March 2019 Umpires Written Examination - 3:00pm Venue: Netball House, Forestville
24th March 2019

Information Flyer

Beginner Umpire Clinic - 9:00am

Intermediate Umpire Clinic - 1.00pm

How do gradings work session - 3.00pm

Venue: Marletson Courts

(Home courts of St Michael & AA)

7th May 2019Applications for Rep Team Umpires Closecontact Margaret Johnson for information
TBA (18th May/1st June) Umpire Quiz Night - 7.00pm Venue: TBA
19th May 2019 Umpires Written Examination - 3:00pmVenue: Netball House, Forestville
28th July 2019

Annual General Meeting - 5.00pm

Venue: TBA
15th September 2019Umpires Written Examination - 3:00pm Venue: Netball House, Forestville

Note - The Umpire Development events (Quiz Night and Clinics) are open to all umpires, coaches, players or anyone interested in the rules of netball. The Quiz Night will be a major event in 2019 - stay tuned for a challenge to all clubs!!


The only compulsory meeting in 2019 is the AGM on 28th July - all other Umpire Development events are not compulsory however we encourage as many umpires as possible to attend so that we are all on the same page regarding rules and interpretations.


The Umpires Written Examination is intended for those umpires wishing to attempt a grading. Others may attend however in 2019 an online rules test will be implemented. More details soon.


Match Protocols for Umpires

A series of match protocols have been developed based on the Netball Australia document produced in 2016.  These are now available for viewing and download and are to be implemented in SAUCNA from Summer 2016/17.

Match Protocols Document - version 3 updated August 2017 for Modified rules procedures for a draw


Umpire Registration

From 2019 the umpire registration process will change.  Clubs will be sent a list of umpires, at the Association AGM in February, who were registered in the previous year for confirmation or deletion for the following calendar year.  Any new umpires for the upcoming year must complete an individual form (from below) and have it signed by the authorised signatory of the club.


2019 Forms

Umpires Clinic Registration Form  - Registrations close 20 March 2019 - no late registrations accepted

Umpires Exam Application Form  - Applications close Thursday prior to each exam

Umpire Registration Form  - ALL umpires new to umpiring at SAUCNA must complete this form in their first year of umpiring. In subsequent years umpires are registered as per the process listed above. 

Umpire Grading Application Form  - All umpires wishing to attempt a grading must complete this form

Junior Umpire Screening Application - All potential umpires who have turned 13 years of age, but have not yet turned 14 years of age must be screened before being permitted to umpire competition matches.