SAUCNA has three subcommittees that oversee the operational areas of the association, Winter, Summer and Umpires. Members of these subcommittees are voted on at their AGM each year. Nominations are called for approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting.


SubcommitteeAnnual General Meeting 
 Winter  Monday June 28th, 2021 7:00pm

  Sunday August 1st, 2021 5:00pm

  Venue TBA

 Summer  September 2021 (TBA)


2021 Winter Subcommittee


ChairpersonSandy Barker 
SecretaryDeb Sanders 
Financial Person Vacant 
General Committee  
  Kristy Greig
  Margaret Johnson
  Judith Lukas
  Helen Rosser


2021 Summer Subcommittee


ChairpersonMark Walker 
Secretary Margaret Johnson 
Financial Person Richard Hulm 
General Committee Mark Baldwin
 Beth Boys 
 Sally Bullock
 Vanita Cooper 
 Kristy Greig 
 Sharon Harvey 
 Kate Pennington 
 Deb Sanders 
 Alex Solly 



2021 Umpire Subcommittee - see the umpires page